The Best Way to Arrange Bike Hire in Inishowen

When in Inishowen, chances are that you are going to want to make use of a bike rental company. Travelling about on bike is one of the most favourite activities which many tourists participate in here. If you are new to bike riding or even bike hire, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Choosing the Best Type of Bike

The type of bike which you are going to choose should depend on your intentions. For example, if you are just going to use the bike to get around Inishowen, then you would be better to opt for a city bike. Sometimes they are referred to as urban bikes. These types of bikes have some features about them that are more suited for city riding. For example, the way they are designed, it is easy to ride them while wearing regular clothes.

If the bike use is going to be for touring, then another choice may be better. What needs to be known here is what type of terrain will have to be dealt with. For those trips on smooth pavements, and where some speed may be beneficial, then a road bike will be the right choice.

Hybrid bikes are a good choice if one is not too sure what they will be dealing with. They have a combination of the features of both the road and mountain bikes.

Choosing the Bike Hire Service

With bike tours being so prevalent in Inishowen, it means there are plenty of hire companies to choose from. Choosing one which is close to the vicinity of where one is staying makes it most convenient. The people who run these bike hire companies are very knowledgeable in understanding the model which will best suit each customer. This will be based on their riding skills, and their intentions for where they will be travelling to, using the bike.