Some of the Best Bicycle Routes in Inishowen

When anyone is planning on spending some time in Inishowen, they may also want to plan on enjoying some outdoor activities. One of the favourites for many, both living and visiting here, is bike riding. This is something which anyone can do on their own, or they can opt to go on one of the many bike tours that this area is so famous for.

Choosing the Right Route

Once the decision has been made to enjoy this type of outing, the next decision will be, as to which bicycle route does one want to take. The exciting part about this is there are several to choose from. The major ones have been rated as to their degree of difficulty. If a person is not an experienced bike rider, they may want to choose which route they are going to take carefully.

Starting Out Easy

For those new to this type of activity, they may want to ease themselves into it gently, which means starting out with an accessible route. The suggestion for this is the Green Route. It allows for bike travelling through Ballyliffin to Buncrana. For those who complete this route, they will have travelled 75km on a round trip.

A Little More Difficult

When ready for the next challenge, it is the Yellow Route, which is considered to be moderate. This route goes from Moville and is a 100km trip.

For the Experienced

For those who are ready for it all, it is the Blue Route, which is considered to be the most challenging and is comprised of a 157Km round trip.

As can be seen by the distances covered with these routes, they are not going to be considered as a simple day trip. For those who want something shorter in length, they will want to consider some of the many other tours which can be enjoyed here.